Winners of 2011 Campaign / Vencedores da Campanha

Mr. and Mrs. Millen receiving their prize

Our draw for the very successful Subscription Campaign was held, as it had been previously announced, on the last day of September. Mr. and Mrs. Millen were the happy winners of a wooden tea box and a set of six Cards of original paintings/drawings of (as it happens!) a talented local artist who lives in their neighborhood – Ricky Cruz

Isabel Morelli communicated the good news to Mr. and Mrs. Millen and they were pleasantly surprised.

Mr. and Mrs. Millen, on receiving their prize…

On their seasonal visit to their beautiful house in the Algarve and then happily delivered the gift.

Mr. and Mrs. Millen – pleased to receive their gift

Thank you for subscribing to the blog. Enjoy the box and cards!

Mr. and Mrs. Millen admiring Ricky’s cards

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