Iron Age

Your home is your castle, a fortress impregnable to intruders. What better way to fend off unwanted visitors than time-tested iron?

Sr. Adelino Ferreira is a master of metal works and wrought iron art, well-known in the Lagoa/Carvoeiro area. His works are one-of-a-kind, expressions of an artistic talent that pours onto the forge – from intricate detailed curlicues of candelabra to mind-boggling door mechanisms for a client’s secret ‘panic room’. He builds railings, garden lights and furniture, gazebos, screens, grids, grates … and lately he has been shielding homes with sturdy enclosures, securing windows and verandas, building fences and gates. Master Adelino speaks English with a Canadian accent from living and working in that country several times. He can send his suggestions and portfolio via email, but a visit to his shop is an invitation to a different world, a step back in time when iron protection and art lay on the heavy pounding of hot iron on the forge by the metal smith. Welcome to the Iron Age.

Please contact Sr. Adelino Ferreira directly: 934 551 575
or visit his shop in Lagoa.

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