Termas de Monchique

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  Marks & Morelli clients will benefit from the discount prices of ‘special client –  as in-house guest’ for all Spa services.

Monchique Thermal Village

For group meetings and events: Termas de Monchique

Presentation in English: Caldas Monchique Thermal Village

Spa Menu

SPA Menu winter  in English

Tel. 282 910910

Fax. 282 910990

Our contact:   tiago.carvalho@monchiquetermas.com

Brief History of Thermal Village Caldas de Monchique,

Spa Resort

According to history, the Romans already used to bathe in Monchique to benefit from its excellent mineral waters. In 1495, King João II ordered some improvements in the place so that he could also benefit from the bath. In 1641, the Spa management was granted, by royal decree, to the Bishops of Algarve. Later, the spa was administered by the state and finally, in 1994, the “Fundação Oriente” acquired the place and made some remodelling and restoring works. The historical nucleus includes 4 hotel units – the Estalagem D. Lourenço and its Restaurant 1692, the Hotel Central, D. Francisco Apartments and Hotel D. Carlos. The nucleus also has a wine bar and a Handicraft Shop.

The Hotel Termal is situated in the valley and is equipped with a modern SPA, which was once an excellent bathhouse, providing a wide range of programmes and treatments.

Also in the valley there is the swimming pool – one for adults and one for children- With a bar, umbrellas and lounge-chairs available to the guests, the pool is perfect to refresh during the summer.

Monchique’s water, which is rich in bicarbonate, sodium and fluor, is particularly good for respiratory, muscoskeletal, and is also used for skin and beauty care. The Spa is equipped with the most modern balneotherapy equipment so as to improve the efficiency of treatments.

Os nossos clientes  beneficiam do estatuto e preços de “cliente especial – como hóspede alojado” para todos os serviços de spa.
Termas de Monchique

SPA Menu Inverno

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