Porches Pottery/Olaria Algarve – celebrating 45 years

angel back 001

I love my celebratory angel … as well as all my other Porches Pottery Christmas ornaments, precious collection of hand-painted jewels lovingly crafted by the painters at Porches Pottery which, this year, celebrated 45 years of existence!


In 1968, respected Irish artist Patrick Swift and Portuguese artist Lima e Freitas, founded Porches Pottery. Still run by the Swift family, the ceramics are well-known and dear to all in the Algarve region and beyond.

Of the finest quality, the ceramic pieces have always been a preferred gift for weddings or special occasions, very representative of this area and often personalized to suit the givers’ wishes.

I have started a tradition in the family, giving a different Christmas ornament every Christmas to the younger family members – they will grow up to own a considerable treasure, which I hope they will cherish and display on their own Christmas trees, when they have their own families.

Why not start your own Porches Pottery Christmas ornament tradition?


Mon–Fri.: 9am to 6pm

Sat.: 10am to 2pm

Closed Sun. & Holidays



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