Make up!

DSC05000Attention FEMALE clients!

For that added special surprise to your holiday guests … or for that matter, to YOU!… consider a make-up make-over.

Marina Kummelstedt has kindly agreed to give all Marks & Morelli clients a unique opportunity to get ready for a special event, evening or just learn how to present a … well … different face!

Marina has had an incredible career in the world of Los Angeles, California, where she went to get her qualifications as a make-up artist for the movie industry. She worked there until she moved back to Sweden, her original country, about 15 years ago, where she then worked for Christian Dior as a new makeup products sales representative for the country.

We are happy to report she has now decided to resettle with her husband in the Algarve, to enjoy the sunshine,  good food and golf.

DSC05003The magic she performs is truly amazing and the transformation complete. Just take a look at a recorded session for a teenage group:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Please contact us at to schedule a special session with Marina Kummelstedt.


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