Restaurante A Lota, Alvor

United_K flagMeet the pleasant staff of  A Lota, in Alvor. We know them all (they also speak English): sr. Paulo, sr. Luís Duarte, the manager.

The owner, sr. Francisco is offering our clients 10% discount on the total of your delicious dinner.

The best fresh fish and seafood! €€€

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In partnership with Marks & Morelli since 2012

Conheça a equipa simpática de A Lota, em Alvor:   sr. Paulo, sr. Luís Duarte, o sr. responsável;

Sr. Xico, o proprietário, oferece aos nossos clientes 10% de desconto sobre o total da refeição (sr. André, o cozinheiro, faz questão de servir bem!)
O melhor peixe fresco e marisco! €€€

Em parceria com Marks & Morelli desde 2012


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4 responses to “Restaurante A Lota, Alvor

  1. Nic and Nat

    Overwhelmed with the number of fish restaurants in the vicinity, we knew we could rely on Isabel’s recommendations! Restaurants A Lota was one of the best! The best fresh seafood and fish… heaven! Not to mention the friendly waiters.

    • Isabel

      Thanks for the comment – I’m going to send/show it to the guys at the restaurant. You’re great to let them know!

  2. Erin

    A great recommendation, we absolutely loved Alvor. The restaurant location, food and service was amazing. We would highly recommend you visit A Lota as would definately go again!

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