Autódromo Internacional do Algarve

United_K flag For all our car racing clients/friends!

We are happy to announce our partnership with our International Autodrome/Racing Track:

Please note that the discounts (at the counter) will only be applied upon the presentation of the card. The customer will benefit from 10% in the Racing School experiences and 15in the experiences of the Karting circuit and on purchase of tickets to the races.

In the shop you can buy or rent all kinds of equipment – from apparel to shoes (no, you may not drive the cars with flip-flops!)

We would like to thank patient Cátia Gonçalves for all the attention. You may contact her directly:  catiagoncalves@parkalgar      +351927 244 608

Take a ride into the countryside and have a coffee or lunch at the cafeteria/restaurant of the Autodrome for a different kind of outing. And while there … why not take the opportunity to try something different?

Kartodromo and Autodromo: +351 282 405 625

portugese flagPara todos os nossos  clientes / amigos de carros de corrida!
É com prazer que  anunciamos a nossa parceria com o nosso Autódromo Internacional:

Atenção: os descontos aplicados ao balcão serão efetuados unicamente com a apresentação do Cartão de cliente Marks & Morelli. Na apresentação do mesmo o cliente irá usufruir de 10% nas experiências da Racing School e 15% nas experiências do Kartódromo e aquisição de bilhetes para as corridas.

Na loja pode comprar ou alugar todo o tipo de equipamento – desde o fato a sapatos (não , não de podem guiar os carros de chinelos de praia!)

Gostaríamos de agradecer à Cátia Gonçalves por toda a atenção e paciência. Cátia pode ser contatada diretamente: catiagoncalves@parkalgar     

Vá de passeio ao interior do Algarve e tome um café ou almoce no refeitório / restaurante do Autódromo. E enquanto por lá … por que não aproveitar a oportunidade para tentar algo diferente?

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The Formula 1 circuit and race track:


Tel.: +351 282 405 600

The Algarve International Autodrome is located near the city of Portimão, in Sítio do Escampadinho, Mexilhoeira Grande, about 4.5 km north of the Algarve motorway (A22), with a direct road link via the motorway exit at Mexilhoeira Grande. The cities of Portimão and Lagos are only a 10 min. drive from the Algarve Motor Park.

(Click on MAP to enlarge)

The Autodromo do Algarve opened on time, ready for the last round of the World Superbikes Autodromo do Algarveon the 2nd November 2008.  The track was built in what appeared to be record time and has already been inspected and cleared by the FIA to run Formula 1 cars.  Nestling in the hills, just behind Portimão and just off the A22 motorway, it is truly a spectacular circuit for competitors Main Grandstand at Autodromo do Algarveand spectators alike, as there are some serious gradients and blind bends to cope with.

We visited the circuit for the first time to see the World Superbikes.  Getting in wasn’t bad at all.   Having set off from near Burgau at 8:30, we had parked by 9:30 and were full of optimism for the day.  However there was a bad sign – we had Pits at the Autodromo do Algarvetaken one of the last parking places and yet the dual carriageway of traffic coming in was constant, the police were out in force blowing whistles and were generally trying to push traffic into already full car parks!

The next job was to find a program: we walked up and down for at least 15 minutes and never found one.  As we are not Superbike aficionados, this turned into a real problem as weVIP building at Autodromo do Algarvenever knew who was racing or who was in the lead.  The racing looked good but it was only when we got home that we found out who had won.  The next problem was finding something to eat and drink, unfortunately there was nothing available in our section.  This turned out to be the biggest problem of all.  Every track I have been to sells tickets which enable you to walk round and spectate from different parts of the track and the grandstands are extra.  At the Autodromo, you buy a ticket for one section and it includes the grandstand so it was very frustrating to see a food Entance building at Autodromo do Algarvestall open in the next section but there was no way into it!

By 1 pm the queue to get in was as large as ever, the police were still blowing their whistles as hard as they could and we could see that chaos was sure to ensue when the last race finished so we decided that discretion was the order of the day and we beat a retreat before the second Superbike race.

The circuit is great and I’m sure that when they get things organised and more car parks are open it will be super.  F1 testing is happening in December (Ferrari & McLaren) and is also scheduled for January 2009 (Toyota & Renault) and it only costs 10 Euros to watch.  I will certainly give that a go, at least I don’t need a program to follow that!  For further details of the track and the full racing program go to


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    Hi Isabel, I have just shown your post of the Autodromo to Phil who is coming out to Portugal on 19th July and is very interested could you please let him know how much a card is and does he need one per person or does one cover both him and Coron and friend? Hope you are both keeping well, will try to come to Scotland when you are there. Take care both, love Win

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