Health Tourism in the Algarve

The Algarve has seen in the last few years a new trend in the tourism influx to the area.

These tourists are not only coming here for the sunshine and good food, but they have in mind a different attraction.

We are talking about specific health needs  and  medical treatment, such as joint replacements, aesthetic dental work, mental health and a variety of other medical procedures which would be much more expensive should they have them in their native countries.

Marks & Morelli, Property Management has noticed an increase in requests for off-season/winter rentals by guests having some medical treatment in their minds.

We are pleased to mention that through our associates, a complete range of Health services  is offered, such as:  home care services, including nursing,  discounts on pharmaceutical prescriptions,   thermal spa treatments  and discounts at a well-known private Medical Clinic, including dental implants and non-invasive anti-aging medicine.

Complete with personalized transportation and touring, catering and a bit of wine tasting, staying at one of the villas managed by Marks & Morelli Property Management can be a total experience.

Please inquire and plan ahead for your next year stay in the Algarve.

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