Our Partners

Marks & Morelli has established partnerships with other business and services which are available to clients. (see Client Card)

All companies and services advertised in this Directory give discounts or special offers to Marks & Morelli clients and their guests. To use the Directory just click on the companies or services listed to access them directly

Fiscal, Accounting, Insurance, Mortgages, Investment

Food & Wine/Alimentação & Degustação

Furniture/Handicraft & Crafts/Home

Guests Travel


You can also add comments for the services provided that may be helpful to others and good publicity for the services advertised. Whether we work managing, supervising, advising or facilitating, this is a service which we plan to continuously update. We hope you find it helpful.

Estabelecemos parcerias com outras empresas e serviços que disponibilizamos aos nossos clientes. (ver Cartão Cliente)

Todas as empresas e serviços publicados neste Diretório oferecem descontos ou ofertas especiais aos clientes da  Marks & Morelli e seus convidados.

Para usar o diretório abaixo – clique nas empresas ou serviços listados para acede-los diretamente, ou vá a  Ofertas Exclusivas à direita, e clique no que pretende. Pode adicionar comentários aos serviços prestados que poderão ser úteis a outros e uma boa publicidade para os serviços anunciados.

Este é um serviço que pretendemos actualizar continuamente. Esperemos que o ache útil.


The material and content of this site, including layout, design, graphics, descriptions, text and other information, is the property of Marks & Morelli, Property Management. Copyright and other intellectual property laws protect these materials. Reproduction or re-transmission of any of the material, in whole or in part, in any manner, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Marks & Morreli, Property Management. In particular all photographs taken by Marks & Morelli, Property Managment are strictly copyright protected and not to be copied or used in any shape or form without express written consent. Any infringement of our copyright will incur a minimum charge levied by Marks & Morelli, Property Management of £1,000.

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